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The RxFactor – Minimize Turnover &

Maximize Revenue

Are you an entrepreneur who always had the urge to do something out of the ordinary? Do you have the desire to break out of the chains of corporate slavery and kick-start your venture? Or maybe, you already have a startup and you are finding your footing as most do in the beginning. If that is the case, then this book is the perfect toolkit for you.

The RxFactor – Minimize Turnover & Maximize Revenue by Kimberly Frazier focuses on two main aspects of any business that can be the difference between a thriving startup and a failed venture.

Revenue and Turnover

These two pillars of business are as important as startup capital. If they are not controlled well enough, the outcomes could be catastrophic for the business. Kimberly Frazier incorporates and thoroughly discusses six strategies in her book, which prove to be highly effective in minimizing turnover and of course, maximizing revenue. It is simple math! The more revenue you are able to generate, the more your business can expand, thrive, and gain market shares.

Let’s face it, it is one of the biggest challenges in any person’s life is finding the courage to leave a 9 to 5 job where you are sure of getting paid to work, then starting off with your own business. However, what majority of people tend not to understand is that any venture requires a minimum six months of relentless work to at least get the ball rolling. The money comes afterwards.

Grab your copy of The RxFactor – Minimizing Turnover & Maximize Revenue by Kimberly Frazier, and learn how you can run a great business!

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